Aviation – The Invisible Highway

Forget incredible visual effects, stunning actresses and plotting villains, the most highly anticipated film of 2015 for The Swing Wing is undoubtedly ‘Aviation – The Invisible Highway’.

The recent trailer released 30th of July claims to “show you aviation like you’ve never seen it before”. It is an undeniable accusation that flying has increasingly become a normal part of the rigmarole of every day life. The theme of this film is seemingly aimed at recapturing the romance of flight and drawing attention to the immense human achievement of modern aviation. Even the trailer treats the viewer to stunning visuals and perspectives and in conjunction with the background track by M83, it makes for quite a powerful trailer.

Although the trailer features no evidence of this, arguably the most exciting aspect of the upcoming film is that it is to be narrated by the captain of the Millennium Falcon, acquirer of rare antiquities and the president of the United States – Harrison Ford.

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Author: David Henderson @davehenderson90

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