G20 Running Updates

It’s the lead up to G20 week in Brisbane! We’re seeing a lot more movements in and around Brisbane. Here’s the live blog of what we’re seeing – this page updated regularly so make sure you check back! Last updated – 11.00pm

Sunday 16 November

USAF E-4B at the Sydney General Aviation Apron
USAF E-4B at the Sydney General Aviation Apron

I nearly got blown away for this one so I hope you appreciate the slo-mo takeoff #osprey #usmilitary #g20 #hyperlapse

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Saturday 15 November

Spot the Russian!
Spot the Russian!

Obama Motorcade! #g20 #g20brisbane #obama #brisbane

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Spot the Russian! #g20 #g20syd #g20brisbane #russia

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Welcome to Brisbane President Hollande of France! #avgeek #g20 #g20bne #france #bnespotters #VSCOcam

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USAF C-32 (aka 757-200) at Brisbane Airport #g20 #g20brisbane #usaf #obama #avgeek #VSCOcam

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Osprey just landed at @brisbaneairport #marines #g20 #usmc #avgeek

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Marine One spotted over Brisbane 6.32am

Friday 14 November

Majority of the leaders have arrived during the day. Team Swing Wing headed out this morning and were able to capture a few arrivals including dual Japan Air Force 747s. 

Also noted were Hornets patrolling overhead, a RAAF King Air 350 orbiting at 22,000 ft and the Queensland Police Cessna also doing laps. What an interesting day!

The real interesting one will be Air Force One; reported to be Amberley early tomorrow. Time will tell.

A Spanish touch down on the runway at BNE, beautiful evening for some spotting… #BNEG20 #G20Brisbane #avgeek

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Thursday 13 November

Not much action today in Brisbane, with the bulk of arrivals expected tomorrow & Saturday. However RAAF Amberley where Air Force One is expected to land is seeing increased activity. Ospreys were sighted there today, with Channel 9 reporting USAF C-17s landing.

A few arrivals late this evening into Brisbane

Obama’s motorcade at a service station near RAAF Amberley

Blackhawk with soldiers dangling outside

A few arrivals so far today at Brisbane airport including a Saudi BBJ. Apparently a Turkish A330 is due in this evening. 

HZ-101 BBJ
ANX-207 G550

— Lloyd Fox – Source – YSSY Forum

Not necessarily aviation related – but here’s an impressive photo of the Queensland Police Water Police fleet making their way past the Story Bridge earlier today. 

Overnight it was reported that a number of Russian Navy vessels are cruising off the coast of Australia. Of course this is being monitored by both the Royal Australian Navy & RAAF. 

RAAF P-3 Orion - TSW File Photo by Tim Dwyer
RAAF P-3 Orion – TSW File Photo by Tim Dwyer

Wednesday 12 November 

Team TSW was able to catch a few of the USMC Ospreys from North Brisbane. Check out the dust cloud!!

The military might of the United States took to the skies above Brisbane today, as final preparations were made for US president Barack Obama’s arrival for the G20 summit.

Watch the Channel 9 footage here

Wow! Video of the dust cloud – check out how it covers the road (Inner City Bypass) on the left hand side!

Three Ospreys flying over Brisbane City – looks like they landed near the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. 

Bell Boeing #Osprey V-22 flying over very close #avgeek #stol #g20 #brisbane

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President of South Africa arriving in his 727

Tuesday 11 November

A few pre-G20 movements including a Russian IL-76!

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