John Kerry visits Brisbane in USAF VC-32A

A very rare visitor to Brisbane on the weekend was the Obama Administration Secretary of State, John Kerry. He temporarily stopped in Brisbane after arriving from Wellington, NZ, to refuel for the onwards flight to Singapore. 

USAF VC-32A 98-0002 cleared to land at Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN)

Kerry flew in a United States Air Force VC-32A 98-0002, with the callsign, SAM807. SAM stands for Special Air Mission, run by the 89th Airlift Wing based at Andrew’s Air Force Base, Maryland. Although this was just a quick pit stop, security was tight, with roads closed and Queensland Police SERT officers in position. 

Here are some of the images we captured:

USAF VC-32B 98-0002 about to touch down at Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN)
USAF VC-32B 98-0002 on approach to Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN)

After about few hours on the ground, SAM807 departed northwest. Here’s a screenshot from

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